Pregnancy is a vocation of every woman in the world, a joy that everyone has experienced in your lifetime. But there is no denying the pain that it brings, especially because of body changes you will experience. In this case, there will be the need to invest in accessories before birth, such as a best side sleeper pillow. That will make you more comfortable and a lot of health during pregnancy.

However, it is important that we need to be aware that not every pregnancy pillows are created equal. You need to find one of them can provide great support for each department such as the hips, abdomen, back or for twins. The pillows have made of high, good ventilation. And one more important thing is the selection of pillows based on specific body type and your sleeping position.

If you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow to buy, let us help you. We will give you more understanding of some of the best models available on the market. We will also give you information on the essential elements should be considered, giving you the assurance to make a decision that you will not regret it. We’ve just released a new article how to select the top rated mattress online if you don’t find what you want here!

Top Maternity and Best Pregnancy Pillow 2017 to Buy

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Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory
5.5 pounds

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Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory
7 pounds

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PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow
7 pounds

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Junior Size - Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow
4.7 pounds

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J Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow
6 pounds

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How to Choose Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews(Infographic)

Best Pregnancy Pillow: Why You Should Buy?

So, what is the best pregnancy pillow? The best pregnancy pillow is really necessary for the pregnant woman. It offers you many unexpected benefits while your belly gets bigger and better, more pressure. So choosing a pregnancy pillow is really necessary and what to do right now.

You should choose the type of pillow inside, so with reclining posture, it will help you reduce the pressure on your stomach you. It not only helps you to breathe but also makes your baby more space, not bound.

Pillow for pregnancy has many shapes sizes to choose from with many different prices. I believe it is not too difficult for you to be able to own one in the pregnancy.

The note when buying pregnancy pillow:

Specific Type of Pregnancy Pillow

One of the first to note that pregnancy pillow that you would choose for themselves. This will be only the level of comfort and support pillow can provide. In general, here are your options:

  • Wedge Pillows
  • Full-length Pillows
  • Shaped Pillows

Choose the Right Filling

Memory foam is one of the popular choices for pregnancy, it is known for its ability to fit the natural shape of the body. Another common filling is polyester fiber, soft and not make any noise, although the movements you do during your sleep You will also be able to choose microbeads, it is lightweight dental fillings used self-natural and organic known to be eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Choose the Right Size

Choose the best pregnancy body pillow with reasonable size is what you should be concerned. Before choosing the pillow you should reconsider your bed size. A full-length pillow pregnancy may not be good if you have a small bed and your partner might not have enough space. Make sure as well as the size is appropriate for a specific body type or size.

Pick Pillows with Removable Covers

You should choose pillows with high mobility, which means it’s easy to clean, remove dirt laundry when long-term use. This will help clean pillow, avoiding agents allergens irritate the skin. In addition, it will retain good quality as in the beginning when you use long term.

Consider your Sleeping Position

Posture and position your sleep How familiar? Are you sleep back or side sleep? It is very important when you make a decision to select a suitable pillow and best. If you sleep on your back, for example, choose the best maternity pillow can push your weight on your back. If you sleep on the side, on the other hand, can choose a pillow to provide support and comfort to your stomach.

Go price

For most people when given the choice criteria are reviewed on prices. Even natural products with cheap or average the value it brings will not be using the best products and quality. Not to mention the criteria it safe to use or not? But in my opinion, you should choose a good pillow, although a little high value but in return, it safely and bring more benefits when used.

Shop Around

Finally, you should still continue to look for a product like the best. You should select three to five products to offer different criteria between them. Not only on price but also on other factors such as manufacturers, materials used, design, your sleeping position. It should be around to read the reviews and feedback of others when choosing products

Best Maternity Pillow: Benefits of Using

If you are pregnant, using a basic pillow is not enough because it is not a separate designation for you. You should buy and use a maternity pillow because it will bring the following benefits

Allergies: When you are pregnant, you should pay more attention to your health to have a healthy newborn. With pregnancy pillow, it uses special materials, hypoallergenic so will help you avoid allergy-causing agents.

Improve Blood Circulation: With sleeping posture, the sleeping side is always recommended when pregnant. To this posture it makes blood circulation more than help the fetus is provide enough oxygen, it helped elect the pressure drop when the belly more and louder the skeletal system. Ready, you can always use a pregnancy pillow to sleep comfortably in such a position.

Improve Blood Circulation: With sleeping posture, the sleeping side is always recommended when pregnant. To this posture it makes blood circulation more than help the fetus is provide enough oxygen, it helped elect the pressure drop when the belly more and louder the skeletal system. Ready, you can always use a pregnancy pillow to sleep comfortably in such a position.

Stimulates Sleep: The go to sleep right away will be very hard for pregnant women due to the pressure from the fetus. With the right pillow pregnancy, on the other hand, it can stimulate relaxation, and thus, allows you to sleep faster and longer. It promotes a comfortable level to reduce tossing and turning.

Prevents Body Pain: This is perhaps the most significant amongst the benefits of using the best maternity pillow. When you are pregnant, your body becomes heavier as you are carrying a baby in your womb. Consequently, this will lead to more stress on the different parts of the body. The right pillow can help eliminate such and can provide excellent cushioning that your body needs.

When You Should Buy a Pregnancy Pillow

Once you start showing during your pregnancy, everyone will start telling you to get some sleep now while you still can. After delivery, you’ll spend every night rushing back and forth from your bed to the crib with little shut-eye. While you might take this advice seriously, it’s certainly easier said than done. Sleeping with your baby bump can be extremely difficult, and no matter what home remedies you try for a restful night, you still might toss and turn. Some women can’t sleep because every position is painful. If you’re having problems like these, studies show that the use of a pregnancy pillow might help.

You don’t have to go out and buy and expensive pillow designed specifically for pregnancy. If cost is holding you back, you should try using one of your own pillows, or buy a cheap, large regular pillow to help. Tuck the pillow between your bent knees as you lay on your side. When you’re pregnant, the width of your hips increases. Therefore, though lying on your side might be comfortable otherwise, it puts a lot of strain on the hips because the leg that is on the top ends up angled down in an awkward position. The pillow will keep your hips separated at their standing position. A recent study shows that a pillow in this position during sleep also helps with general pelvic girdle pain through the rest of pregnancy because everything stays more in place. You should also try putting a pillow behind your back if you move a lot during your sleep. That way, you won’t wake up contorted out of your original position.

While regular pillow will do the job, you should consider investing in the best pregnancy pillow if you can fit it into your budget. These are made for pregnant bodies, so they offer additional support such as belly support and a recline option. They are usually c-shaped or u-shaped and you can find them in most pregnancy stores.

It’s not uncommon to have trouble sleeping during your pregnancy. If your inability to fall into a restful slumber has anything to do with your discomfort in bed, you should definitely try sleeping with a pillow strategically placed between your knees. You’ll be able to stay asleep longer, and you’ll wake up feeling rested. Daytime back pain and pelvic pain might also be alleviated from the more comfortable resting position.


Concludes that, with the best pregnancy pillow review. It not only brings the surgery comfortable sleep when you wake up, it also provides special support for the body to avoid the pain. However, these benefits would be true if you opt for the best option available. Study the tips that I have guided you in on, hoping you will find yourself a good product. Wishing you and your baby’s health.